The sanctuary at Holy Cross Church. A view from the nave:


The images of the Theotokos and the two angels in the apse, as well as the archangels in medallions on either side of the iconostasis, were already in place for many years before I started work at this church. Those icons were painted on canvas and applied to the wall. A parishioner had painted the dark blue backdrop and the red line in the apse. Above the apse there is another medallion with the image of Christ “not made by hands” (cut off in the picture here).


The central image I painted in the sanctuary is the Communion of the Apostles. There are two full-figure hierarchs pictured on either side of this image, and then six more in medallions on the arch above the iconostasis. Pictures here.

There are two saints visible only from inside the sanctuary: St. Theophil, the fool for Christ of the Kiev Caves and St. Ilarion the Georgian of Mount Athos.


St-Theophil St-Ilarion